03 August, 2012

Washington Trip (Saturday, Sunday, Monday)

Scott and I left the girls with my family, and then we got on a plane.
Much later that day, we saw this as we were ready to land:
Hello, Washington!

We went to see Loyal (he'll show up in pictures) and to see a beautiful place.
I have to say, it was wonderful to leave the muggy Midwest behind for a few days and enjoy cooler weather.

We landed on Saturday evening, and pretty much crashed.
The fun started on Sunday before church.
We went to a little coffee shop, picked up some yummy coffee, then walked the fishing pier.

 This sign was amusing. We live near DesMoines, so to be in the same town, different state was entertaining.

After church we took a drive out to Portland, OR. 
Along the way we saw this:
 Washington State Capitol

 And this:
Multnomah Falls

 We stopped at a fish hatchery too, but I apparently didn't take any pictures. Salmon is a big deal in WA. It was interesting to see what is important in different parts of the country.

Our day ended at the Pearsons. Amazing people, great food, and the guys entertained a bit.
We had an incredible time with them!

 Okay, so our day almost ended there.
As we were coming back through Portland at 10pm, Loyal announced he had a place we absolutely had to see.
It was worth the stop!
A bar and grill, located at the top of a 30 story building.
The view was amazing!


 Monday started pretty slowly. We had gotten back to Loyal's around 2am, and he didn't have to be to work until noon. Since we were planning to spend the day in Seattle, we dropped him off at work before we went sightseeing. 
Stop #1 was a harbor tour around the piers in the port.
The port has a fun atmosphere. Odd little shops are tucked in here and there, and there are many different people from all parts of the world.
 The view of the port and the city from the ship was amazing!
 We saw the Coast Guard,
 the giant ferris wheel,
 the Aquarium,
 the oldest pier, still on it's original pilings,
 a fantastic glimpse of the Space Needle,
 a Disney Cruise ship,
 a life preserver,
 a nice lady who took our picture,
 and an amazing view of the city!

We also did less exciting things like go to Target and get some things we couldn't take in a carry-on.
But we certainly crammed a lot into our first couple days in Seattle! 
(I'll post the rest later.)

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