21 August, 2012

Zachary Ryan

My oh-so-sweet little nephew arrived this morning at 6:25am!
8lb. 14oz
21 inches long.
And oh-so-handsome.
36 hours of labor (my sister is some kind of superhero).
Ava couldn't stop being excited to meet him.
"We're going to see my new baby!"
She loves him.
Her favorite part was holding Ryan. 
(That was my favorite part too.)
 Lucy gave him lots of kisses.

 My dad with his grandchildren. 
(Looking all at the same time is always optional. Besides, isn't it better to get the real moment?)
Lucy wanted to touch the baby. She was very gentle.

My brother Titus is missing, but otherwise my family and our kids!

And folks, with his eyes wide open, the man of the hour:
Welcome to our family, Ryan!
I love you.

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