11 April, 2013

Life Moves On

 Olivia Michelle is just over a month old.
She is a very sweet baby.

She eats every 3 hours (very punctually!)
Olivia now shares a room with her big sisters, and has adjusted quite well! Ava and Lucy are getting used to having Olivia with them, as well.
Olivia sleeps from 11-6 or 7am, in general. She has had 2 nights, now, where she has slept straight through. I've been very grateful for those 2 nights!

Ava is an amazing helper with Olivia. It is wonderful how Olivia responds to her sisters talking to her, and how she lets Ava give her a pacifier if I need a couple minutes before I can hold her.

Official one month photos

Lucy has found all of her words!
She can now effectively communicate with "A-ba", and 90% of the time they play together beautifully.
The other 10% involves being put in separate rooms, Ava shouting "NO", and Lucy reciprocating with "Go 'way, A-ba!" It's nearly comical at times!

The swings are back up, and every warm-enough day we are outside!
The girls could swing for hours. Although Ava has informed me that she would love to swim in her new swimsuit because it's warm enough. A few rainy days convinced her that no, it's not quite warm enough.

Five weeks old-with her special blanket from Aunt Stephanie

We are again coordinating the Children's Program for the annual statewide homeschooling conference.
This is our third year, and every year it gets better!
(And yes, it gets a bit mad and completely topsy-turvy doing this with 3 littles.)
We are also involved with the Vessels of Honor conference.

Scott and I each have a little sister graduating this year-his from college and mine from high school.
Nothing makes me feel older like realizing my quite-a-bit-younger sister is almost 18. 

Well, that is a bit of our life here. Fun, occasionally stressful, never ever dull!

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