22 April, 2013

Pinterest Project

 I had a remnant of wax left from a candle.
It was a Bath & Body Works candle, and so the glass holder was nice, and durable.
(And if I spent a bit more money than I usually do on the candle, why not keep a pretty jar that would be perfect for cute odds and ends somewhere?)

Here is the candle:
(Paired with my does-not-photograph-well hand for size comparison.)

I came across an idea on Pinterest for removing wax.
Kim, writing at Yellow Brick Home, shared her method for removing wax from her candles.

Here is my try, using her method:

Pour boiling water into the candle.
The wax will melt and begin floating to the top.
Let the water cool. The wax on top will harden and can be taken out of the jar. (Don't pour the water down the drain until it's completely cool, so the drain doesn't clog with wax!)
 The remaining wax is soft, and easily removed. (I just dug it out with a paper towel.)

 Soap and hot water remove the final residue.
I don't have an after photo...sorry!
But this little jar is squeaky clean and ready to use.

So, success from Pinterest! Yay!

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