19 June, 2013

Fifteen Ways Mr. Wonderful and I are Different

Pioneer Woman did a post like this today. I enjoyed hers a lot, and thought it would be fun to do the same here. Enjoy!

1: He likes math.
I like English

2: He prefers games played on computers.
I prefer board games.
for the record, we both enjoy many of the same games.

3: He prefers mayonaisse.
I prefer Miracle Whip.
we buy mayonaisse

4: He takes care of the rodents,
I take care of the bugs.

5: He sleeps best cool.
I sleep best with 42 blankets and flannel pants.
even in the summer, i need a sheet or something!

6: He talks things through in a concise manner, reaching a conclusion in a reasonable amount of time.
I talk things through in many random directions, with much gesturing of hands and varied vocal tones.

7: His love language is acts of service,
My love language is physical touch.
for the record, he frequently comes home and eagerly cooks supper, and plays with the girls, and mows the lawn, and keeps up with house maintenance...and still gives me back rubs. what a guy!

8: He likes to wake up bright and early and greet the day.
I somewhat grudgingly wake up bright and early, and stagger around until I've had a lot of coffee.

9: He likes ranch dressing on many different foods.
I think ranch dressing is highly overrated.
we both really love bleu cheese.

10: He will pass on dessert and eat a little more meat.
I'll pass on the food and eat 4 pieces of that delicious cheesecake, thanks!
we both really do love cheesecake, and frozen brownies. his favorite is vanilla ice cream with homemade chocolate shell.

11: He likes things in one place, all the time, so he knows where everything is.
I rearrange, and organize, and redecorate, and am always convinced things can look better and better.

12: He keeps things that might be useful one day, or that he really can't part with.
I'll toss unused anything (qualified as junk) faster than you can say, "please don't part with my beloved belongings".

13: He watches documentaries and plays Minecraft.
I watch cooking shows and play Pinterest.
we both really enjoy watching Top Gear (U.K.)

14: He enjoys Applebees.
I sincerely enjoy Panera Bread and iHop.
we both like Red Lobster, Perkins, and Noodle Zoo.

15: He retains 98% of all information and rarely writes things down.
I write everything down and retain 5% of all information given.

How are you and your spouse different? How are you similar? What is it in your relationship that colors and flavors it?  

Celebrate and enjoy the differences!

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  1. Love it! Makes me miss you guys though, when are you coming to Lincoln for a visit? :)