28 June, 2013

Girl's Room, Revisited

 I finally got a couple of things done in the girls' room!
Okay, by "finally" I mean that ever since Olivia was born, I've wanted to get her name print up. So, "finally" as in, "not even four months".
I'll get to the print a little later, though.
The one big thing I haven't been satisfied with are the curtains.
What was in there was a simple white liner from the old purple curtains, and I sort of tacked on a pink ruffly thingamabob.

 Can we all agree they were sort of blah?
Okay, maybe it's just me and my brain. 
I really have a hard time leaving things one way for too long.
(My husband has learned this very thoroughly.)

So, I started looking at curtain ideas and came across these from Pottery Barn Kids:

But OOF-DAH! $90 for a curtain panel?
My brain kicked into gear.

I had two goals:
1: Make ruffly curtains on the cheap.
2: Make one curtain fit perfectly on the single odd-sized window.

All started well. It was cheap because my white fabric was in a bundle, given to me for free.
(Love free stuff.)
I measured very carefully so I had perfectly sized, perfectly customized window coverings.
Then I cut strips for ruffles, and started working from the bottom up.
I pinned the edges first, then eyeballed my way toward center.
Yes, I did repin this at least once.
I also probably called it stupid more than once. (Don't tell my kids.)

 Once I had it fairly well pinned I stitched it down and sort of shoved the loose fabric into bunches as I went.
It worked pretty well, and I got two lovely rows on 3 curtain panels.

Then a few things happened:
1: I ran out of fabric for more uniform ruffles.
2: I have 3 small children that make it...um...complicated...to get projects done.
3: I actually really liked just 2 ruffles.

So, here is how they look now:

 Can you imagine those slathered in ruffles?
It might still happen, but I have so many options!
Finish in white ruffles, do an ombre of pink shades, or just put some lovely pink trim along the existing ruffles and call it lovely. 
(Whatever I do, I got a whole lot of "wow", "pretty" and "OOOH" from my girls over them!)

So anyway, here is what they look like:

 And here's the updated wall:
So, between butterflies and ruffly curtains, I'm keeping it totally girlie.

 In case you're wondering, that teal paint for the frames is my own cocktail of colors.
I typically get inexpensive frames from someplace like Walmart, so then if anything gets knocked down and broken I'm not out a chunk of change. (and yes, I have hung things as securely as possible because I also take the safety of my children into consideration. Thank you.)


  1. Oh, I love the way the curtains turned out and their room is so cute and feminine!

  2. Hannah... you inspire me! Love. Love. Your interior decor! Looking forward to babysitting your little people! =D

  3. It looks awesome, Hannah! Love the color scheme + the new ruffled curtains are beautiful! :) Much love!