03 July, 2013

The Patio (Part One)

 Welcome to the patio.
Sad, cracked, sunken, and just plain blah.

In fact, this entire area was in pretty bad shape. 
We kept getting water seepage in our family room. 
(Partly because of the poor drainage, and partly because of an inordinate amount of rain!)

After months of thinking, planning, talking, scheming, and dreaming,
we went to a great big store that sells a lot of great stuff.
(It starts with M and the end sounds like yards.)
Everything we ordered was on sale. Huge blessing!

Then pallets of supplies were delivered to our yard:

Then we started demo.
(And by "we" I mean studly Mr. Wonderful.)

My dad and brother came and helped demo as well.

And more progress has been made since Sunday:

This is today (July 3rd), and the progress of the new wall:
I'll keep you posted...
we still have to finish demoing the patio, and install the pavers for our new one.
I'm so excited for this update to our house!

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