03 October, 2013

Ava Grace {4}

 September 28th...
that day my life changed forever.
This little girl revolutionized my world
and threw me into the arena called Parenting.

For all the wisdom I thought I possessed, 
she has proven me inadequate over and over again.
And for all those times, God has shown that He is the only true parent,
and I am just a vessel. 

 Through Ava, God has taught me about 
honesty, integrity, humor,
balance, silliness, structure,
holiness, strength, and honor.
 (One year)

Through her eyes the world is a different place,
and yet we are very similar.
She is strong-willed, opinionated, and almost desperate in her quest to make everyone else follow the rules.

 (Two years)

 She is learning right from wrong.
Her vocabulary stumps adults on occasion.
She loves to sing about Jesus.
Memory verses are getting stored away; her heart is tender toward God.

(Three Years)

Now, I am four years into this journey that no one warned me about.
No one told me the way my heart would break when her feelings got hurt,
or how much anxiety when she is unsure about a new task.
I had no idea the frustration she would cause, or the excitement she would take everywhere she goes.

She sings, tells stories, narrates adventures for her toys, dances, and loves to be crazy.
Her whole world is a place of twirling happiness...
it hurts when a harsher reality cracks her sphere of sunshine.

This girl has the potential to be anything she wants to be.
She can travel, explore, or stay and have her own family.

The future has endless potential for Ava.

Ultimately, in everything she does, our desire is that she have God first,
that she choose the Lord Jesus as her salvation.

May her true purpose be in Christ, 
and may that shine to others.

Love you forever, sweetheart.
I am so glad you are my daughter.

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  1. Hannah dear! I didn't know you had a blog! Where have I been? =)
    lovelyblog ..beautiful pictures of your kiddos. =)