03 October, 2013

Ava's Birthday

 Happy Birthday!
Red streamers all around.

We surprised her with a parade (part of our local Oktemberfest).
 This included seeing one of her favorite friends, Allison, and making new friends in Allison's cousins.
 Oh, and there were Minions. That was probably their favorite part.

Then her favorite, Pizza Ranch, for lunch. She eats the chicken and not the pizza. But hey, it's the best chicken, no joke.

Then the blackboard picture:
Favorite Color: Red
Favorite Food: Pizza Ranch Chicken
What I want to be when I grow up: A Woman (so she can eat gum)

The big gift this year: A new bike!
(She needs a lot of practice.)
 She isn't naturally adventurous, so it was a big deal to get on a big bike and pedal!

 Eventually, Scott just put the thing up on blocks so Ava could practice pedaling and not worry about crashing. Haha! She looks at her feet...so you see the safety risks...

Ava said it was the best birthday ever! 
She certainly is the most wonderful oldest child I ever could have had. 
Happy 4th Birthday, Miss Ava!

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  1. Can't believe she's four already! Loved these pics. :) Happy birthday, sweet girl!