08 July, 2014

Smoky Charcoal

 I was shopping at Walmart. 
Because when you live in a town not overrun with shopping centers, you get things at Walmart.
It's not all bad.

Anyway, on a whim, I wandered down the paint aisle, perusing the "oops paint". You know, the paint that got mixed and rejected by the customer, and gets marked waaay down, often 50% off.

Anyone have a guess as to what happened!?
Yup, I bought some.
It's by Glidden, called Smoky Charcoal.

You know, I could have more expensive hobbies. 
I could probably have simpler hobbies.
Mostly because my hobby is randomly redecorating things.

However, it was the basement bathroom. Poor, bland little bathroom.
I mean, look at it!

I thought the decor was cute, but I hated the wall color. 
Nothing very inspiring about tan.
This tan was particularly snore-inducing.

I already painted the bathroom once before, from a dark tan to a lighter tan.
So thrilling!

This transformation was a bit more distinct:

 Painting is pretty straightforward.
Put all the kids down for naps.
Tape all.the.things like a madwoman.
(Because it wouldn't be a whim without a time crunch.)
Rustle up a paintbrush and roller, and go like crazy!



 And, the finished product!

Isn't it pretty??!!!
And for $12 oops paint, proof that one man's trash is another man's treasure.

(Yes, we do use indoor/outdoor Christmas lights in our shower. They are wired behind the shower wall, and turn on via remote. They are very cool.)

The walls are a little darker than the photos, and the whole room is so gorgeous now! I'm not entirely sure how I'll redecorate. I feel less need to cover the walls, now. :-)

There you have it, my latest little project! 
Sometimes, whims take you in the best directions!

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  1. Looks fabulous, Hannah! Love seeing your creative projects :)