04 September, 2014


Family vacation, starting back to daycare, starting school with a preschooler and kindergartener...
it's safe to say I feel busy!

I thought I would share something different, and fun, that I had Ava do today.
She enjoys running the camera, so I handed it over and asked her to take pictures of things that are important to her.
Great insight into the mind of a (almost) 5-year-old.

sleeping bags (still packed after a weekend at grandpa's)

mommy (daddy wasn't actually home)

olivia (still working on her snack)
probably one of my new favorites:

of course her bear. formerly known as mr. sanders, now called "isabella"
(there were about 6 of these)

lucy (playing with her sensory bin of the day.)

big big bear. (they named him)

lucy with her own isabella. the twin to ava's bear.

stuffed puppy without a name. (her other puppy is named saliva.)

again, another favorite. 

and finally, lucy. (the doll she did all on her own...)

This turned into a good perspective piece for me, and I hope you enjoyed it as well.

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  1. Love these pictures - such a sweet idea! :)