11 December, 2010

"Snow" Much Fun!

(Sorry about the tacky title...I could have resisted...but I didn't.)
Getting ready for the snow...can she even see??
There she is! Clapping, so excited to go outside.

"What's the crazy white stuff, and why is it so cold, daddy?"
"Your mother asks that question every year, sweetie."

She wasn't sure what to think...

And it took a little convincing for her to touch the snow. She was definitely not going to put her hand on the ground.

When she did finally touch the snow, her instant reaction was, "Yucky". Ah, the national word of Ava-land.

She kind of immobilized. If she had to move her head to see it, it wasn't worth being seen.

Proof of snow-sitting:

(Just in case this is less clear, that would be a seat-print you're looking at.)

I hope you are enjoying the snow, and taking any plan changes graciously. :) Remember...God controls the weather, and He does everything for a reason!
Happy December!


  1. Cute and fun! Yes, she does look a little stiff and incapable of moving. =) I'll bet she enjoyed getting outside after being sick even if she couldn't do much.

  2. Ava's so sweet and it looks like she had some fun discovering the snow! =) And her snow outfit and hat are so cute, too. See you tomorrow, Lord willing!

    Joyfully in Jesus,