30 December, 2010

A Very Kratzer Christmas

Travel was postponed for about 13 hours because we got a lot of snow. My awesome hubby cleared the driveway 3 times so we could get out easily on Christmas morning.
We were greeted with smiling faces.

And...lucky me, a candid shot. This is the only "belly picture" I have, and it's not really of the cute little baby bump.

Ava likes to read stories to Yampa.

Christmas dinner was fabulous. It was the first I've had Yorkshire Pudding, and it made me want to be English even more...
The theme for the decorations was "Visions of Sugarplums". It was delightful!

Ava liked her Christmas cupcake.
She was hyper for about 4 hours after eating her cupcake.

She got presents. We got presents. They got presents.

And guess who got to wear the bows this year??

A natural occurance in the Kratzer home is music. Ava loves this part of every day. She was adamant to play the piano, whether someone else was or not.
"All of Me" by Jon Schmidt was definitely more intriguing when Ava helped Aunt Heidi play.

Loved this picture so much that I had to post it. :)

We have another family Christmas coming up! Ava has been so much fun this year, and we have thoroughly enjoyed all the time spent with family as we celebrate the birth of Christ, and enjoy this special occasion to be together.

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