18 March, 2011

Evening Fun

We went back outside yesterday evening. Ava is loving every chance she gets to explore the yard. Last night she discovered sticks. She dislikes any with leaves on them, and will brandish a long stick in each hand and walk around gleefully! Her daddy has taught her that anything long and sword-like can be used while saying "hiya".

Her parents laughed while she "hiya"-ed her way all over the yard!

The more confident she got walking on bumpy ground, the more she fell. Thus the occurance of her first official playtime scrapes! Thankfully the scratches from her faceplant were very minor, and the source of the scratches on her hand remain a mystery. I say it is proof that Ava went out and had fun! :)


  1. Are the scratches on her hands from the sticks rubbing quickly against her hands when she was falling?

  2. Great pictures of Ava. We still have all white!!! Hope you are doing well. Think of you often.