15 June, 2011


I listened to the phone ringing, and stared at the piece of paper in my hand. Sighing, I wondered if I was mistaken, but I did not remember bringing the book home!
"Public library, how may I help you?"
"Hi, I have a book on my account that I don't believe I actually brought home. There was an error when we used the self checkout, and I don't believe the book was actually checked out of the system; in fact, I believe we left it at the front desk."
After a brief exchange, the lady informed me that she would clear the book from the card, and we wouldn't have to worry about it.

Later this afternoon, I again found the overdue notice from the library on the kitchen counter. Smiling, I enjoyed knowing that I no longer had a debt with the library, and I threw the notice in the trash.

Suddenly, it struck me. Jesus did that for me! I was overwhelmed by the solemn joy in the moment, thinking of the price Jesus Christ paid to remove my sin. My sins were removed from my account; I no longer have a debt before God! The moment I trusted Christ as the Savior of my soul, the only Way to heaven, my Intercessor to God the Father, the Remover of all my sin-that moment defined my life forever.
I am free.

Tears sting my eyes as I think of every reason I should not go to be with God when I die; every time I pain Him with my deliberate ignorance of His love. Yet Jesus loved me, had mercy on me.

And the most amazing part-the enormity of the price He paid, the mercy He shows each and every second-is that He did this for every human being to ever live.
He paid that price for you, dear one!

Rejoice with me today that forgiveness is free, redemption is free, the price is paid!
Trust Jesus Christ with your heart, your soul, your life.
The only true freedom comes when your sins are removed and you are living a life sold out to God.

Are you living that life today?

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