07 June, 2011

Summer is Here!

Miss Ava wanted to wear a headband she found. I loved it. She wore it several hours-a great accomplishment for a little girl that has a hard time keeping things in her hair!

Our summer fish. They are boarding with us until Miss Heidi takes them back to school in the fall. Ava really likes the "peesh".

We've been working on this garden. It's very disorganized, and the plants are lovely but not planted well. I would like to put weed paper down and mulch rather than rock. It's been extensive, but fun with two little helpers!

We now have seven hostas under our front window, courtesy of Scott's coworker.
Ava calls them "pasta".

Thomas is so loved here. Ava loves trains, and Thomas is her faithful train companion.

Bubbles...we can't get enough of bubbles!

And look who found her smile!

We are enjoying our summer!

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