06 September, 2011

Garage, Part One

We have a really fantastic garage. It easily fits both our vehicles, storage shelving, all the boxes and cardboard I use for painting surfaces, and has plenty of room to finagle a baby carseat around.
However, the door frame is sagging due to improper building. There is no beam supporting the entire doorway, and as a result it puts strain on the door and the structure as a whole.

Scott, my dad, and my brother James were busy dismantling the garage frame to see what the problem was and find a solution. Limited time left the garage looking like this, but with a solution in mind:
This evening finds Scott, Chris and Ben out working on the door.

Floodlights to see by, and Tiki torches to keep the bugs off.

I'm SO thankful for guys that come and help for the payment of a home-cooked meal. :)
Thank you!

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