06 September, 2011

Labor Day Weekend

We kicked off Labor Day weekend with the first Big Red game of the season! They WON!!Scott has a TV connected to a computer in the basement, and with online streaming he can watch his favorite team. :)

Both girls really seem to enjoy football.

Ava is all prepped to go. Her football lingo this year includes, "Here comes the football!" and "Oh, they go boom!" She's the cutest commentator!

Saturday was a rainy day, which made for a profitable time of organizing inside the house.
We went to church with my family on Sunday, and then had a beautiful evening to work outside.

Lucy played in her bouncy seat and then fell asleep. She is so sweet!

Ava played everywhere. :)
She especially likes sidewalk chalk and dirt.

I pulled up those pretty purple flowers after a friend alerted me to the fact that they are foxglove, and highly poisonous if ingested. Not something to have around my girls!
I also transplanted a lot of the decorative grass to a corner of our yard. It's a rather bare corner, so I'm hoping the grass will take and dress it up a bit.
(My dear Husband has been busy with some house repairs...photos to come!)

Ava was hard pressed to not play in the mud created by the transplanting process. :)

Miss Ava's drawing on her Clifford pool was so pretty! I had to share the art created here.

The best fun comes from the simplest things!

Monday morning was spent painting shutters (again, photos to come!) and starting work on the garage. (The garage is a mess...so thankful for my dad bringing tools and manpower to get a good start on some major repairs!)

Ava had a blast with aunts and uncles here to play all afternoon!

And this morning...well, we are relaxing and enjoying a nice slow start to our day after a fun, busy weekend!

(Not pictured: the two cups of coffee keeping me awake!)

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