03 October, 2012

Another Mini Project

My project-in-the-back-of-my-mind has been for the Master Bedroom, specifically the wall with our wedding photo(s) on it. 
This is what I put up after we did our big re-paint and re-carpet project.

It's one of those arrangements that I like, but I kept wondering how to add to it, create a gallery wall, but keep things from being too crazy. 
Here's my solution:
 All the green frames are the same size, so they aren't too overpowering.
Everything is pretty staggered.
(Although the branch may disappear. Shocking, considering how much I love branches.)
Every photo in our room is of Scott and I. That's what our bedroom is about: US. 
How about some close-ups of the little stuff? 
 I'm liking the look. 
This project went smoothly.
(Want to hear the back story? Scott was away on business for a couple days. So I decorated. I think it's my subconscious coping device for when I have extra stress. My house should be top-notch adorable in about five years.)

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  1. Love the simple black and white with pops of green!