01 October, 2012


Someone here turned 3 years old.
She loves red, so red it was.

And her new favorite special breakfast is cinnamon rolls.

As my little Miss says, "My two is all gone, because now I am three!"
(This picture was at breakfast, after she cleaned up her cinnamon roll and asked for yogurt, then she learned how to do three fingers.)

This was the best/worst part of her day: 
knowing that there were cupcakes but she had to wait for them.

Finally, after a special shopping trip and supper at her very favorite, Pizza Ranch, she finally had the coveted cupcake!

Yay for candles!

 Here are the special things from shopping:
An apron, chef's hat, and oven mitt
and Color Wonder markers.
(She was very excited to use her own special birthday money to pay for her new things.)

How about one more fabulous smile from my 3-year-old: 

Happy Birthday, dear Ava!
You light up our lives
and you adore your little sister (even when she bugs you).
You are kind to others
you tell the best stories
you want to know more about Jesus
we love to hear you pray
you are the best ballerina
and proficient in all things Thomas and Friends.
We love being your mommy and daddy
and watching you grow into an amazing little person.

We love you so much, forever and always.


  1. Soooo sweet! Happy birthday, Ava! What a little sweetie she is...such a blessing. =) Blessings!

  2. I think I just died...that is THEE cutest thing I have ever seen!! :)
    Love her!

  3. Such a little sweetie. Thanks for sharing these pictures, Hannah!