07 October, 2012

Baked Oatmeal

I've had a lot of requests for this recipe, so before we jump in, I want to give full credit. 
This delicious recipe was perfected by my Mother and Sisters-in-Love. They make good food. 

Here is what the recipe looks like in my cookbook:
Snazzy, right? The left column is for a smaller batch, but I always make the right hand column, for a nice big batch to last a while.
My favorite version is made in a 9-qt. casserole dish, with rolled oats. 
(The recipe calls for quick oats; I just use the Walmart brand of rolled oats. Strictly preference.)

Ready to amaze your taste buds? Good.
1: Combine all dry ingredients in your dish (seen here is my 9-qt.).
(You can use a 9x13 dish as well, but you'll probably want to mix in a separate bowl then put it in your dish)

2. In a glass measuring cup (I use a 4-cup one for space), whisk together your eggs and oil.
Nice and fluffy:

3. Then dump in 1/3c. peanut butter.
 and mix it up.
 I like using a whisk for this part because it breaks up the peanut butter smoothly and combines everything well. This works great with chunky PB, too!

4. Now dump that into the dry ingredients
 then use that same measuring cup to add 1 1/3c. milk to everything.

5. Mix everything together well.

6. Cook it! 
My preferred  version (because it's Scott's favorite way to eat it, and it's fast) is to microwave the stuff.
With the rolled oats I use the full 12-minute time slot. With quick oats 9 minutes is sufficient. 
Covering is optional, just make sure to start with less time and work up if you're not sure how long. Don't leave any gooey spots in the middle, and don't let it dry out.
I'm making this sound super complicated, and it's not.

7. EAT IT. 
We like ours with a little milk.

Bon Appetit!
That is not posed. She really did take a bite and make the perfect picture.

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  1. Looks delicious, Hannah! Thanks for sharing. :)