18 January, 2011


Woo hoo!!!
I actually did PROJECTS!

With the onset of winter, painting anything has been put on hold, so I have some frames and a shelf and some other stuff I want to paint. I've sat and stared at them and sighed in longing, my fingers itching to hold a can of spray paint...
I had to improvise.
There are several things I've wanted to do, but held off until after Christmas shopping, cooking, family get togethers, etc., so I didn't blow our bank account to smithereens.
(Okay, it's not THAT dramatic, but I'm giddy about getting some projects done, so please bear with me.)

The first thing I tackled was the guestroom/baby room curtains.
I put these up when we moved into the house-pretty, but not darkening.
(These are made from your basic Walmart muslin.)I went to JoAnn's on my birthday.
JoAnn's has gorgeous fabric.
I bought some.
I used the original muslin as liners for the new curtains to prevent fading, since there are no blinds on the window.

The next item checked off my list was a corkboard for the kitchen, to clear up my refrigerator front as well as the tiny cork space under my whiteboard calendar. Target gift card=kitchen perfection! So much better.

And finally, a valance for the kitchen window. More JoAnn's goodness at work here:

Now, I did not make these, but I did hang them on my wall! I got some fantastic birthday presents from my sisters-in-love; enjoy!
I will, someday, get a family picture hung over this wall plaque. It's sort of lonely right now.

Also, this all-famous Kratzer family prayer. It took me a while to learn it, and now I have a reference when we teach our children. :)
This is the one where we join hands around the dinner table, and everyone says it in unison. Love it.
"We thank Thee, Lord, for happy hearts
for rain and sunny weather.
We thank Thee, Lord, for this our food,
and that we are here together."
In closing, strictly for your entertainment, Fish Lips.
Yes, she is awesome.


  1. Fish lips! I love it! =)
    Thanks for sharing about your completed projects...it motivated me to get some of my own finished. I would love to get some kind of decorative curtains for my bedroom (maybe cream colored). I would add the curtains in addition to the blinds; they are fine and plenty darkening, but just not very attractive!

    Look at you becky homecky- getting things done around the house :)