06 January, 2011


She wanted her hat and mittens.
(Well, to be specific, she wanted her "dubby". Yes, that word is the same both singular and plural.)So daddy got the dubby and put them on.
She wore them for a very long time, and used her personal mirror to admire her dressed up reflection.

The hat and mittens came off after a while, and we went downstairs to play just before breakfast. Ava saw her dubby, and wanted it on. Daddy obliged, just like good daddies do.

So, an education on Ava vocabulary:
Dubby=all things clothing, and even feet.
Nummy=all things food and drink.
Ball=all things round (including your head).
Puppy=all things animal.
There, you can now communicate in fluent Ava-speak!


  1. Oh, seeing her in her little hat and mittens reminds me of the "Little Bear" book! So cute :)

  2. Funny...Scott was quoting that while watching her play this morning. :) HAHA!

  3. I love hearing about her speak! :)