10 January, 2011

Two Years

My very darling husband brought these home:
(note to self: next year, just forget again that hubby will get flowers, because it's really fun to be genuinely surprised by a bouquet.)

and this evening we had a long dinner at Perkins...
then went and saw this:
(cute movie, by the way.)

My awesome sister stayed with the kiddo, and then attempted to get a decent picture of us two goofballs for historical posterity.

I can't say how wonderful these last two years have been. We have been through a lot...and in every tiny detail I see the loving, mighty hand of God. He has blessed us, and I am thankful beyond words for every moment I am Mrs. Scott Kratzer.


  1. LOVE this! I am so happy that you posted all of this cuteness! Enjoy your husband and two beautiful children!

  2. 1) Tangled is super cute!

    2) In that first picture the flowers look like they're growing out of Scott's ear.

    3) Congrats on 2 years! I love you both!

    That is all. (: