31 August, 2011

Ava Said

Watching Scott grill burgers: "Daddy hot!"

"I'm pretty funny!" Usually followed by hysterical laughter.

As I was going to get groceries, leaving the girls with daddy, Ava asked, "Mommy go to work?" In a way, yes!

"Go see mirrors?" (Every time we walk by the aisle in Walmart with all those mirrors...)

"Woocy Mae! So sad!" Said condescendingly, with a head tilt and sympathetic eyes.

"Don't fall off!" As she plays on the stairs.

She sees something "In the shadow", and will state adjectives in interesting places. For example: "I see puppy in the shadow, black."

Every time she finds something, she exclaims "HI___!"

She loves when things are "Peeking". If she can see the eyes, it's peeking. :)

We just got Lucy a Bumbo. Ava enunciates this new word perfectly. "Woocy in the Bumbo."

And my personal favorite: "Daddy, mommy, Ava, Woocy!"


  1. so sweet!!! wish I had taken more time to write those things down with my oldest :)

  2. Oh my...so sweet!! Thanks for sharing. =) She is absolutely adorable! -E