04 August, 2011


One of my favorite summer foods is bruschetta. There are many nuances to bruschetta, but the basics are tomatoes, oil, seasoning, and cheese combined and served on toasted bread.
With tomatoes in season, they are especially delicious!

A visit to my local farmer's market yielded some fabulous 7-grain bread.
Butter both sides and pan toast until a deep golden brown.

My favorite key to bruschetta: fresh basil, also acquired at Market.

3 tomatoes, chopped
1T. fresh minced basil
1/4c. fresh parmesan cheese
2 T. olive oil
Mix well, refrigerate several hours if possible. It is delicious served immediately if you are unable to refrigerate first. :)



  1. wow that looks really good, did you take those pictures yourself or are they from the internet, they look so professional.

  2. David, those are pictures I took of my very own food. :) Thanks for the compliments-I love looking at photographs and trying to implement ideas I see in other people's work. :)