01 August, 2011

Master Bedroom, Part 3 (Finished Product)

Ready? We need a before.

Welcome to The Cave.
This room is small, and such a dark khaki on the walls was a big no.

So we repainted shortly after moving in.
Never get the cheap paint.
Even if it's free after rebate.
Just don't.
It will stink to high heaven when it's wet, and start to crack after just a year on the walls.
(This is actually my nearly-forgotten "before" picture. You can see the cream, but this is after we painted the ceiling.)
Did I mention the ceiling? Apparently this room used to be slate blue, and it used to have a tacky sort of crown molding (for goodness' sake, molding should be dramatic!). Anyway, the folks that painted this blue decided to start on the ceiling. Partway through they realized it would be a very, very dark cave so they did a mediocre job of painting white back on the ceiling. We didn't see it until we put the cheap cream stuff on the walls. What a mess!
If you have followed the progress (here and here), then you'll know the carpet has been replaced, the walls are now perfect with Bamboo Stalk by Dutch Boy, the fan has been repainted, and we are so excited to have it done!
May I introduce you to our feels-like-new Master Bedroom?!

Here's the view from the door:
The bed is at an angle, which gives the room a completely different feel. A headboard is in the future, as well as a bedskirt, and a curtain.

My self-designed miniature subway art-I really love how it turned out!

More artwork (I had fun with these):

I like the green frames. Looking for something for the top of this arrangement-it's a little too blunt right now.

I'm thinking I'll put some little green hydrangeas in the candle holders.

The view from the corner dresser:

And the view from another corner:
[any closet door ideas? Not a fan of mirrored doors.]
Cavelike to cozy retreat! Love it!

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  1. awesome transition! love that you're doing a little bit at a time. About the closet doors...in a room I lived in a few years ago (before I was married, at my folks' place) there was a closet and I hated the doors -- they weren't mirrored, but just obnoxious sliding doors that were always in the way, obscuring at least half the closet's contents. I removed the doors and put in a simple/super cheap tension rod with curtains. I could pull the curtains to the side to look like window treatments, or leave them hanging down to cover the closet. I loved it. :)