22 August, 2011

Ozark 3

Mr. Wonderful and I met at this camp 6 years ago.
We were engaged right after camp 3 years ago.
(I was reminded that I didn't want to get engaged at camp. What? Why??? That would have been SO romantic!)
Last year we took our 10.5 month old, and this year we took our 3.5 month old and 22 month old. It was so fun!
Miss Lucy took a while to get used to the extra ruckus, location, and schedule, but over all she did great her first time at camp!

Miss Ava was apparently born to be a camp girl.
She loved swimming,

and being with her grandparents, aunts and uncles (my family goes to camp every year as well).
(Miss Lucy met Giovanni. He is 2 weeks older and very cute!)

We appreciated good food and company,

(we played a version of "Minute to Win It" for our table to eat first. I won this round, and ended up finishing before the camera was gotten. :) The trick was to put your arms up pantyhose to get two pennies out of the toes. You could not help yourself, it was each arm for itself! Tricky, and lots of fun!)
The teaching was wonderful. Thank you, God, for the sharing of Your Word!

What a lovely week!

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