07 October, 2011

Ava Does.

"Two legs, two bottoms, two ears, two eyes....one nose!" She seemed to be in disbelief that only one nose was on her face. Also, this was stated very loudly in the middle of the store. I just laughed and laughed. (I still remember her walking up with both fingers stuck in her nose saying, "two noses!". That was the day we discussed nostrils and nose.)

She has recently learned that milk can come from cows. It started with her finding the cow's udder on her animal magnet and asking about it. Ah, science for the young.

Makeup. She loves my cosmetic brushes. The huge smile she gets when I tell her she looks "so nice" is like sunshine.

Miss Ava wears anywhere from 2-5 outfits each day. Start with pants, then we want a skirt. Lose the skirt for play clothes to go outside, then a different outfit when we change out of our dirt and chalk-covered play clothes. And of course, pajamas.

She hauled an entire shoebox full of toy cars to me for opening. Seriously, she is strong!

Everything is "very". Very swinging, very coloring, very naughty, very happy, very whining, very grumping, very laughing, very eating, very sleepy, very silly.

She's started answering herself. Parental questions are usually answered with, "No. Why not?"

Parenting: A lot harder than I ever thought. More rewarding than I ever dreamed. A hundred times more fun than I could have imagined. What an awesome journey to be on!

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