11 December, 2009

Appetizer Wraps

I love trying new foods/recipes that sound appealing. We are going to a Christmas party tonight and are supposed to bring a dessert and appetizer. The dessert is Scott's department: a raspberry-dark chocolate cheesecake. YUM. So I decided to make tortilla wraps as an appetizer. Here's the process:

I began with tomato basil tortilla wraps (these are soft, flexible, big, and so yummy!), fresh spinach, swiss cheese, cream cheese, mild salsa and mesquite turkey.
I used too much cream cheese and salsa. Next time I'll half it and mix 4oz. of cream cheese with 1/3c. salsa. Less salsa makes a thicker spread, but this was a pretty good consistency. (If you have too much it makes a great chip dip!)
Cream cheese spread went on the wrap first.

Next the spinach. Leave about 2-3 inches of headspace on one end of your wrap, the filling will move as you roll everything up.

Add the swiss cheese...

And the turkey...
And roll it all up, then slice! The ends make great snacking. :) The amount I had made 3 wraps.

Bon Appetit! Delicious, fairly nutritious, and oh so easy!

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