09 December, 2009

Christmas-looking things

I've been decorating! "It's beginning to look alot like Christmas, everywhere you go..." That is one of the very few lines I know from that song... The other line is, "The most wonderful sight you'll see is the holly that will be on your own front door." Isn't there something about Janice and Jen or something??? But I digress...

Here's the Christmas stuff:I love our Christmas tree! We used red and silver ornaments and some from our childhoods. It's a mix of old and new.

The nativity set by our front window,
and the candles and shelf words.

the dining room table (I cleaned it off just for the picture!):

and presents under the tree:

Share what your Christmas looks like! Any special traditions? We have some, and I'll be sharing them soon!


  1. Hey, Hannah!
    I just found your blog. I'm curious, please share! What are your special Christmas traditions?