09 December, 2009


I know every parent thinks this: "My child will be wonderful and obey me." I'm not saying we believe this. But we do think it!

I put Ava to sleep, laid her in bed, and left her room. I thought I heard her stirring, and upon further investigation found her wide awake, and happily looking around, chatting up anything that would listen to her! I had to laugh (quietly) and get the camera. She fell asleep shortly thereafter, but I thought it was so cute that she was totally quiet and totally content looking at the things on her wall. (The picture is blurry since I wasn't using flash. I don't think she had any idea I was getting this for the record.)

It is nice that the funniest stories come from our children! Although I can't help but wonder if she's on to me and realizes that mommy will help her fall asleep if I know she is awake...

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