31 December, 2009

Looking Back

We kicked off 2009 in high style, by joining together in marriage on January 10th. It was a snowy day, but many family and friends made the trip over to celebrate with us.

Two weeks after our wedding, a home pregnancy test confirmed my suspicions. We were blessed by the honeymoon baby we had hoped for! :)
The baby was dubbed, "Boing", in honor of the aerobics that he/she would do, making my pregnant belly dance. What fun to watch! I pulled out baby name books, looked up meanings, and we actually discussed Ava Grace for a girl and Judah Scott or Nathan Scott for a boy. Names like Nicole Grace, Felicity Noelle, Connor Riley, Caleb Joshua, Justice Michael, Elsie Kathleen and Aria Joelle also made the baby name list.

The end of June brought a much enjoyed trip to New Hampshire, visiting friends and enjoying the coast. We visited a lighthouse, drove through a mountain pass, and toured different parts of the state with our dear friend Lindsey Peterson.

September 26th, I was extremely pregnant, as in 37 weeks pregnant and feeling ready to pop any day. September 26th also was the wedding day of our dear friends, Joel and Esther Meeder. Scott and I were honored to be the Best Man and Matron of Honor, and guess what...lots of activity brings on labor pains!
Sure enough, I was in labor by 1pm on September 27th, and on September 28th, our daughter was born. It was 12:21 pm when she was fully delivered, and the nurse immediately took her from the doctor and placed her on my chest. No one bothered to find out boy or girl, since we didn't know yet, and so we basked in the miracle of our lovely generic baby. Then we remembered to check, and sure enough, it was the daughter I thought it was! One look confirmed that she is Ava Grace, named after myself. She was 8lb, 14oz, 21" long. And at 2 minutes old she had the most perfect pout I had ever seen...and she hasn't lost it either. :)
What a blessing! Ava has grown and become a light in our lives beyond anything we could have imagined! She loves her grandparents and aunts and uncles, blesses us with hundreds of smiles, and is a wonderful gift.

It has been a full year...tell me about your year. I want to know what God has blessed you with, miracles that have happened, events that shaped your life, and the things that inspire you.

God's blessings to you in 2010!

Love from our home to yours...

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  1. What a great post! it's great to hear about all the wonderful things God has done for you both. Ava is absolutely beautiful, and what a gorgeous baby...usually they don't look that perfect when they're so 'fresh'! :)

    Jan. 10th is when Justin and I got engaged...just thought that was kind of neat. :)

    Maybe one of these days I'll get to meet you and Ava! hope you all had a great christmas.