04 January, 2010

Look Who's 3 Month's Old!

First she found her voice...squeals, coos, jabbering, screaming, and yelling have all issued forth from her lovely mouth.
Then it was her hands...those marvels that hold fingers and hair, play with toys, fit nicely in a mouth, and enjoy bath water.

Let's not forget her feet...those chubby adorable feet that kick and wiggle, looking utterly adorable in the process. The feet that can go bare, in socks, and styling shoes. I love Ava's feet...
Meet Van Buren von Bear. He serves as Ava's size scale for her growth. Van Buren is quite dignified in photos, providing my cute Squeakerdoodle with a worthy picture taking companion.

Now that our big armchair is in the livingroom and very useable, Ava enjoys watching football with daddy.
Ava also enjoys naps...well....sorta. Here she is, cheerfully waiting for mommy to get her up.
Mr. Sanders is a good cuddler.
Meet Dolly. She is way cool and entertaining!
Tummy time...what fun! Er...maybe not so much...
This way is better, mommy!
Of course there is cuddling with daddy and mommy, listening to music and sometimes trying to sing along, talking, smiling, laughing, socializing, and a big favorite: eating.
And that's Ava in a nutshell! Tune in for updates...

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