08 January, 2010


Our Thursday night date night turned into a game of Scrabble. It is soooo cold here, and that made going out less appealing. I loved the words we came up with, and wanted to give you a piece of the fun.

Ava was really into the game as well.
This was a part I ended up doing. I was pretty excited. First came, "NOTE", then "TAN" and finally, "ORANGE".

It got even more creative from there:
"qua–adverb as; as being; in the character or capacity of"

"elegit–noun; Law. a writ of execution against a judgment debtor's goods, property, or land, held by the judgment creditor until payment of the debt, as from rents on the land."

"zayin–noun; the seventh letter of the Hebrew alphabet"

And, the completed board. It got late, we got tired, so I suppose we could have found places for more letters, had better words, etc., but I thought this was pretty good. :) Enjoy!

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