08 January, 2010

Waste Basket Makeover

So I have this black metal wastebasket that was in our living room. I say "was", because I realize that my daughter will be crawling before I know it, and trash is not something I want easily accesible. :) I also had a lot of left over white fabric from making Ava's stocking, so I grabbed my hot glue gun and went to work...

I pulled the fabric over the outside of the basket, and randomly gathered it, holding in place with pins. Then I hot glued around the top to hold everything in place.

Next I folded over a liner for the inside...

See? It's not that pretty, but it works for the inside to hide the black metal and the nasty edges on the top. This has been holding trash, so I wanted it completely covered.

You thought the sides looked funny...here's the bottom. Again, I wasn't picky, just wanting it covered. Which it is.

I finished off with ribbon and lace, and used it to hold my nice towels. Spiffy, huh?

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