22 January, 2010

I love those big blue eyes that are so inquisitive.
I love the smile that lights up her face when she's excited to see me.
I love how she sucks on her fingers.

I love how she is more content to play with her hands than her toys.
I love how she loves me to rock her.
I love how she cuddles her teddy bear.
I love how her hair sticks up.
I love how she wiggles in the bath.
I love how she smells when she's clean.
I love how her expressions are just perfectly timed with the most comical of events.
I love her laugh.
I love her mouth.
I love her cute button nose.
I love her long lashes.
I love how she can be so serious and focused.
I love how she purses her lips.

I love how she tucks her hands by her face to sleep.
I love when she squeals.
I love when she tries to talk.
I love how she wiggles.
I love how she gets excited when she's just in her diaper.
I love how she loves to touch daddy's beard.
I love how she focuses intently on things.
I love the way she curles her toes under when she's very excited.

I love how she's a "big girl" and stands up.
I love watching her try to sit up all by herself...already.
I love to simply watch her.
I love how no picture can perfectly capture the essence of my daughter.
I love the way she holds her blankie.

I love how she relaxes and smiles when I kiss her chin.
I love how she cuddles close when she's sleepy.
I love how it is impossible to love her too much.

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