14 January, 2010

Home Tour: Ava's Room

So, I've realized just how hazardous everything can seem when a baby is in the picture. Currently, the hassle is Ava's room, which also doubles as the office. This means that her place to sleep, play, dress, etc, is also inhabited by wires and such. I think we need another wall or something. However, I am taking it one step at a time and looking for creative ideas...for now, I'll give you a tour of the updates and such that have been happening...

These are the curtains that used to be in her room. Then we had problems with drafts, and mold buildup, so Scott put plastic over the window. That was great! Only then we had to deal with condensation that soaked the curtains. They were heavy enough that they didn't dry fast, and that left stains and a nasty smell.

Somehow the stains are hard to catch in a photo. So take my word for it.

I was going to make sheer curtains, but when I found these for $14 at Walmart, I couldn't pass it up. Voila! There are many bonuses involved with these. 1) They don't hold moisture, so they don't get musty and soaked. 2) They let in a lot of natural light, so during the day I don't use the electric light in Ava's room at all. 3) They look so pretty with the white lace curtains. Also, the lace curtains now have pink bows tying them up.

What? You say that this shelf has about a hundred safety hazards involved with it???

My plan is to use some of Scott's big flat disk weights on the very bottom, and I moved everything that wasn't Ava safe up, and put a cover over the shelf that has electrical cords on it. So now this will work until we can afford something sturdier.

I just had to show you these shelves...I love them. :)
Ava absolutely loves looking at this dress when she's supposed to be napping. :) It used to be mine, and was too perfect for her room.
The desk was rotated, and there is now an "A" in place of the angel ornament, which moved to the Christmas tree.
The picture I linked to in an earlier post. My goal is to get a different mat to better portray this.
Here's my other problem: Cords right by Ava's bed. I need a screen or something so she doesn't stand and pull on them. Old shutters, hinged together, would be perfect!

Well, as you can see, everything is a work in progress around here. I have a dream to paint my little girls' room pink, with white wainscoting, and white shelves and frames, and delicate rose patterned bedding. But that will have to wait, and I'm content to do so. For now...it's making it safe for a little girl that is probably going to be just like her mommy and daddy and be curious about everything...

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