11 January, 2010

Conventional...Need Not Apply

Well, as you probably know, this past Sunday was Scott and I's first anniversary. We are so excited to have the joy of celebrating our marriage, and continuing to cherish God's love that has brought us together and binds our hearts still.

Saturday was an eventful day! And the telling of it is another post entirely. My focus for the time being is the fact that Scott brought home a dozen roses after being out for groceries...
"Happy twelve months of marriage, sweeheart!"

Scott knows that half the fun of getting flowers is that I get to arrange them. He always brings home loose bunches for me to get creative with!

When I woke up on Sunday morning, there were my flowers, blooming and fragrant, the perfect start to an anniversary day! We enjoyed worshiping with other believers that morning, and followed church with a cozy lunch with very hospitable friends. 4:00pm rolled around, and we realized that if we were going to do anything special, it should be soon. Our wonderful sister, Stephanie, took Ava home with her while Scott and I took a leisurely shopping time. Younkers yielded a nice top for myself (with money still on my Christmas gift card!), Target was fun for browsing, and Best Buy proved to have the perfect monitor for our master computer. We talked, and spent our time enjoying each other's company and having quality time spent with our best friend.

Well, it soon came time to go get Ava so she could eat. However, we hadn't eaten yet since our lunch was so filling. We weren't really feeling like eating anywhere specific, so we got in the car to come home, and about halfway into our return we saw McDonald's...yes, that was our anniversary dinner!

Now, to me it was the perfect day, because we took the time to enjoy it. No fuss over everything being, "just so", or stressing over having to make memories. We made memories, and it was because a husband and a wife enjoyed being in love.

Thanks for enjoying the memories with me!

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