30 January, 2012

Girls' Room, Take...Fifty?

Here's some quick refresher pictures from early on in the girls' room:
I've changed a lot of things in the last 18 months. (It's probably an obsession. I call it a hobby.)
I repainted the light dresser to a deep teal:
And I made subway art for the girls as well as painting the frames to match the dresser:

White curtains replaced the purple, and a forest green-turned-white-turned-pink birdcage was hung by the closet.
Tonight I had a brainstorm, and the exact figuring of wall art came together! Today was beautiful, so I was able to paint the letters pink, which is perfect on the wall!
Here's a close shot of everything:
This is the view from Ava's bed:
The white pom-pom flower was a fun "can I make this?" experiment. Ava thinks it is "so pretty!" so of course, I hung it up in the corner.
I'm working on a gallery wall, so I'm sure I'll add a few little things here and there, but there is room to add more initials and subway art as we add children (well, girls, I suppose!).
The girls love their room! Ava talked and talked about the pictures and the new colors and curtains, and Lucy was happy that Ava was happy! :)
The view from the door:
I can guarantee you I'll be adding a few more little things here and there. Right now I love sharing the changes and creative bursts going on around here!

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  1. It looks so lovely, Hannah! I can tell it took a lot of diligence in putting it all together & the end result is so beautiful...perfect for two sweet 'lil girls! =) I especially love the teal-painted dresser and wall art. Blessings!!