23 January, 2012

Supper and Smiley Faces

We picked this book up at TJMaxx last weekend.
The recipes are easy and healthy (packed with vegetables), and the price is right!
I've been getting back into meal planning, and I'm working on the price breakdown per meal after shopping with a strict ingredient list.

Tonight was Roasted Cauliflower with Pizza Burgers. The secret to making the meat stretch was black beans and shredded carrots.
It was delicious!

And the Husband's system for rewarding Ava's good behavior (I love that he came up with this) :
If Ava rudely tells Lucy "no" or whines, or displays bad attitudes she gets frowny faces. 5 frowny faces equals a quiet time in her room to think about good behavior and kind actions.
Her good manners translate into happy faces, which are rewarded with good consequences. Tonight she had 5 (!!!!!) happy faces (full quota for rewards) and got to watch a Thomas after supper.
(I should mention that it is NOT easy for Ava to maintain 5 happy faces. She is 2, after all.)
She's been doing better. Less whining and shouting "no" every time Lucy so much as looks at her, and more singing songs to the little sister, telling her stories, playing peekaboo, and generally being sweet and congenial.
It's pleasant.

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