16 June, 2010

Darling Girl...

You have the coolest hair ever! I love how you let me comb it, and play with it. It's getting long, and almost in your eyes, but it is so fine that it doesn't want to stay clipped back. Maybe your daddy and Aunt Lori have hit on the solution: spiking it!

You love helping daddy with projects! You are very good at telling him how to put things together. And he loves your company.

Baby girl, your smile lights up my day! I love playing with you, and being your mommy!
Thank you for letting me cuddle you when your teething hurts.
I love how you say mama!
You have the funniest voices...how do you come up with those??
Your growls will make Grampa K. proud.
How do you need 12 month shirts and yet your waist still fits 3 month pants? Your long legs make it hard to find bottoms that fit you.
You are timid about crawling. It's kind of funny when you walk forward on your hands and then get stuck.
Baby, when you cry and say "mama" in the saddest voice my heart just melts and all I want to do is hold you.
Your laugh is the best!
I love how I can put applesauce with just about anything and you'll eat it, but not plain.
Does chicken with sweet potatoes really taste good? You love it, but I haven't had the stomach to try it.
Thank you for being my shopping buddy. It's nice that daddy has you to talk to and doesn't have to look at clothes and makeup too.
Be patient, and believe me that just because mommy and daddy have it doesn't mean you have to.
I love how you enjoy pulling things out of your toy basket. Now, let's learn how to put them back in, okay?

"I'll love you forever, and like you for always."

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  1. patricia van essen17 June, 2010

    Recording memories of your precious girl. She'll be grown only too fast. She is sure a sweetie/cutie!