19 June, 2010

Master Bedroom

Did you know Walmart will re-sell their mistinted paint? Granted, it's still $7 a pop, but for some gorgeous tan to freshen up the master bedroom, it's totally worth it.

Then today I went garage saling, and at the first of 6 sales I picked these up. The label cracked me up. I thought, "Okay, so they want 1 for $3 or both for $6. That would make more sense if they wanted both for $5."
As it was, the lady took $4 for both of them. Score!
Gorgeous metal, black with light bronze highlights.
The shades are not so nice.

A trip to Menard's yielded these shades for $8.99 each:

Grab some CFL bulbs from the stash out of our apartment, and VOILA! Gorgeous bedside lamps for roughly $11 apiece. Thank you, Lord, for providing this little want in such a generous way!
I'm being very honest about what our bed looks like. Hey, at least it's clean laundry!

The next step is to paint that wall around the window, and see where the paint goes from there.

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  1. Thanks for the tip on mistinted paint...never would have thought of that. Although I'm one to pore over paint chips for weeks, looking for the EXACT shade of [whatever color]. So maybe this isn't for me. :) Good luck painting and getting settled into the new place...how exciting!