25 June, 2010

For Her Daddy

On Father's Day we celebrated one of the greatest men I know: my Husband! And just to show how much I love him, I bought an entire case of Code Red just for him. I did it willingly too.
And then we made sure we remembered to honor our fathers...

Man of mine, whatever I call you, you are the best.
I must be honest.
Sometimes I call you weird,
But you wouldn't be the man I love if you were without quirks.
And Ava wouldn't have the fun daddy she does if you were perfect, serious, boring, and always stoic.
I'm glad for your funny side.
I'm also glad for the side of you that reads Scripture, that prays, that seeks the Lord.
You are setting an example for your family that is irreplaceable by any other person.
Thank you.
Thank you not only for being a wonderful daddy, but a wonderful husband.
I don't know what I would do without you.
Forever and Always, Darling.

P.S. I think when Ava wakes up with bedhead she looks more like you than ever.
Thank you for being such a wonderful daddy to our little girl.

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