02 June, 2010

The New House!

Our cute little house on Thunderbird Drive! I love it. The openness, the homey-ness, the wonderful floor plan for entertaining and being hospitable.

I know. You want a tour. Well, here is your virtual one... :-)

The front door is red. I love it!

Looking in from the front door. Like the red sunroom? It's very nearly my favorite room.

French doors open into the sunroom, where sliding doors grant access outdoors on one side, and there is a door across the room as well. It's so naturally lit and beautiful in this room!

The front door is on your left with the entry closet. Stairs go up to the bedrooms and down to the family room.

My kitchen!!! After an apartment with carpet in the bathrooms and kitchen, I am thrilled to have hard surfaced floor to clean.

The upstairs bathroom. The weird purple walls, and the weird yellow walls are paired with blue floral linoleum, an aqua colored sink, and a blue-green countertop. It is unique. :-)

The guest room is blue, but flash makes it appear white. All the bedroom closet doors are mirrored, and this room has some extra built in storage.

Ava's room is white, and is the bedroom with two windows. She also has a ceiling fan, and loves it!

The master bedroom. I'm not sure what to think of the wine colored carpet and matching window shade, but I'll survive somehow. *wink*

Now downstairs! This is the family room. You can see the stairs coming from the living area, and stairs going down to the basement. This is where we walk out onto the patio (it is a step down from the sunroom on to the patio). There is plenty of room for Scott's "office", the piano, bookshelves, and an in-home theatre space.

The basement. You like our dehumidifier? The tile is so pretty, and so cold. :-)

The basement bathroom. I love that guests can stay in the family room and have their own bathroom and complete privacy.

Laundry room! My own washer and dryer! The ability to do laundry as needed and not have to think about how many quarters I will need! Yippee!!!

We are officially moving June 4-6. The carpets are being cleaned, and the soda is chilling in the refrigerator. Our wonderful helpers are lined up and ready to go, and the filled boxes keep piling higher! Our pizza coupons are ripe for the using, and the house is ready to be made a home!

Thank you for joining me on this virtual tour. We look forward to hosting as many people as we can and seeing how God uses our new home to bring glory to HIM!


  1. So excited for you guys! What fun to plan out your own home like that. Looks like a beautiful place. :)

  2. Oh, Hannah!! I'm so excited for you!! The place looks great! And so much space!! (=
    Can't wait to see it in person! Have fun moving this weekend!

  3. Congratulations you guys! It's a beautiful house!

  4. Wow, I love it!! :D How nice to be in your own house at last! How many square feet?