16 June, 2010

The Sunroom

And after:

Natural muslin fabric from Walmart: $2.50/yd. (not too shabby!)

The ruffles are my version of a Target knockoff. Only, the Target version is way too ruffly for me. I like it sweet and simple, thank you. The lovely thing about muslin is that when you sew a loose stitch right down the middle, it scrunches up very nicely. So I kept that natural scrunchiness and pinned and sewed from there. Voila!

And I made matching valances for the windows. It makes the whole room cozy, homey,and welcoming. The fabric is heavy enough to block heat yet light enough to not darken the room. Cooling costs are less, and it's still a sun(ny)room!

And I even had enough fabric to make curtains for the guestroom too!My goodness, I love muslin. I'd put it all over my house if it wouldn't look tacky. I'd drape my walls with it, and clothe my children with it! I would frame it! Make flags from it! Wrap gifts with it!!
Just kidding.
But I do love this look in these rooms.

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