03 June, 2010


My sweet daughter has been doing far better than I ever expected. We have had her back and forth, apartment and house, and she is so tired and I'm sure confused. Today was I think the first time she has really complained about teething, and was actually cuddly. If you know Squeaky, you know she is not a cuddler...so I knew she wasn't feeling great. I also knew this week was going to be hectic, and possibly exhausting as we threw ourselves into the thick of final packing and moving, and drug Ava along for the ride. So, over all, she has been quite the trooper.

My baby also turned 8 months old! WOW. Here's classic Ava: ornery, cute, flirtatious, and silly all rolled into one...

Ava was excited about the prospect of getting a grill, and quickly volunteered to help.

She was also thrilled at the deal we got on bubble wrap! Being taller than something she was sitting beside may have just made her day.

Eating is probably her favorite thing, hands down. She loves food. Hmmm...she must be her mother's daughter!

Can you guess what she is hiding???

Haha! She loves blueberries...can you tell? :-)

Ava is practicing her dictatorial skills by making sure daddy packs things correctly.

P.S. Ava says "da da da", and loves it when daddy repeats is back to her. When she cries in sadness she will say "mama". It's so sweet. I'm waiting to hear her actually call me mama when she is happy. :-) Another recent hilarious achievement is her waving and saying "Hi"...well, at least something that could not be anything other than hi! She is quite the character.

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